Skeletons with free will

Setting up a bunch of skeletons on my virtual game island and letting them walk around in a random way. With attached network behavior these little chalk monsters are even multiplayer scary.

Everything is fine and scary for a while until the creepy thing happens. Although all skeletons are instances and there is no communication between them, they all walk in the same direction after a few seconds and disappear in the sea. Bugs are so much easier to fix if the application simply crashes and not walk away….

Burger Evolution

I once wrote that this is the best burger. Now I have learned something new and no longer understand how I was able to say this so hastily. THAT is the best burger now!

Beef, Cheese, Onions - a Burger!

The big difference is the bun. Just bake the bun yourself.

This week came software from my youth time

Finally, after many many many years of waiting. Nearly forgotten. But still one of the best games I could remember. It is released again. Here it is: Pokemo….. Just a joke.


Found “Day of the Tentacle” on AppStore for iOS. Graphic and user interface are optimist for touch screens. You also can also change every time you want to the original version and get a lesson how bad the graphic really was. But still great!

Perfect Burger

New Food Category. Starting with the perfect burger. Beef, Bacon, Cheese with BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Salad, Tomato and Gherkin…

burger with cheese, onion, beef

How to open a safe or why not using a cheap one

The safe looks very save. Heavy. Strong. Secure. Problem! The batteries were exhausted and of course the key was at the safest place possible. No, not in the safe – lost at all.

After searching for a proper way to open the locked door I used the internet and found several solutions. The most stupid was using a scissor. I gave it a try and two minutes later it was open. By the way, it took so long because I was in fear to damage my scissor! If you do not care for your scissor its possible to open it in ten seconds. Of course the scissor will not take any harm…