This week came software from my youth time

Finally, after many many many years of waiting. Nearly forgotten. But still one of the best games I could remember. It is released again. Here it is: Pokemo….. Just a joke.


Found “Day of the Tentacle” on AppStore for iOS. Graphic and user interface are optimist for touch screens. You also can also change every time you want to the original version and get a lesson how bad the graphic really was. But still great!

Back on track


Finally! After a long struggle I made the decision not to upgrade my good old bike and replaced it completely. Lesser than 10kg of pure “Black Sin” on two wheels.
Black Sin 29 - 2015


Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone to all visitors of this site. Best wishes and may the new year will start for you at least as good as it started for me!

Atlantic ocean seen from above little hill

The Duke is coming

This time it really could become true. The Duke will come. Gearbox gave a more precise release date as “Its done, when its done!” and there was a playable Demo version at PAX 2010. Ok, that already happened a few times before but now there is a new reason why this time Duke Nukem will come.

Chuck Norris told Duke Nukem to arrive next year

If the Duke is here than my hobby project has a good change to win the Vaporware Award. At least I changed during development 4 times the engine and 3 times the tools. Like 3D Realm. But I am more interessted in learning how to do and to do something interesting. That also means that I will never reach an end. There is every time something new to learn…

Down with IT

I must confess that I have found at least ten points in the following song which already happened one time to me.

link removed 🙁

This performance “Nieder mit IT” from Thomas Pigor & Eichhorn is only in german language available. Thanks to Philipp Weißmann for giving me the hint to listen to this song.

Timeless Computer Laws

I found a treasure in my book shelf today. It is only a small book but it was one of the first books I bought as I made my first experiences in computer science.

cover picture of murphys computer laws

It was printed in 1990 and all laws are still applicable. You only have to replace the words floppy disk by usb stick or modem by DSL. Technology may change but the problems are still the same. In my opinion a must have read book for everyone who work with computer. After reading you know, you are not alone…

Back to the roots

If you watch the following movie and….

screenshot of video

…you don’t know what you are watching. You are too old.

…you don’t understand why the resolution is too low. You are too young.

…you remember when you have played the game you are watching. You know how old I am 🙂

Once upon a time there were many different kind of games like in this short movie. All games run on a very limited hardware. In contrast to that hardware we have now unlimited ressources but only a few types of games. I hope the guys of the Games Convention know this too and bring back some more variety instead of the reincarnation of the last year games with better graphic effects…


Is not in wonderland but opens very creative way for young people to start learning programming. It is designed for high school and college students to teach them object oriented programming language while creating animated 3D movies and even simple games.

Alice is an approach to introduce the basics of computer programming for beginners and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface instead a written language. The cycle of writing, compiling, searching spelling mistakes, frustration is missing the spelling mistake and frustration part. It is concentrating on the most important parts, the concept, of object oriented programming languages.

The first contact with programming a computer can be done while trying to understand a cryptic language and persuade the compiler to accept the program or understanding the concepts from the beginning and have even some fun while learning. Its still enough time later to become a master in a production oriented programming language.

Alice is a gift from the Carnegie Mellon University and is available for free at There you will find versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and information about how to use it and who created it.


Last time I wrote about Crayon Physics. This time I found in the irrlicht blog another interesting Software which plays with physics and let you draw and move objects.

phun screenshot

Phun was created as a master of science thesis and is indented to explore and play with physical objects. On the webpage of phun by Emil Ernerfeldt you can find more detailed information, screenshots, video and downloads for for windows and linux systems. Mac version is coming soon.

You can do more than draw only simple objects and let them fall or rotate on a fix point. There are more complex objects like chains and rotating wheels. With a bit patient and time you can build even virtual machines 🙂

Crayon Physics (Deluxe)

A very promising game with a interesting idea. Draw objects which become physical objects and fall, roll, slide, tumble downwards and try to move the little red ball to the jumping yellow start. Thats all!

crayon1 crayon2 crayon3

The Deluxe Version is still work in progress but Crayon Phsics is already playable and you can download release version 1 from Kloonigames. On the website of the Crayon Physics Deluxe you can see a video of many nice features not included in the done-in-under-a-week game version of crayon.

There you can also register a e-mail address to get informed when the game is done. Even if the author claims the downloadable version more a prototype as a demo version it already teases for more…