Roadmap to game server

For this year I have planned to finish a runnable version of my long time ago planned little RPG game. So far it was a great experience in discover so many different technologies and test them and play around with them. 

Now, I have found everything (at least I believe) which can be put together to that what I want to achieve. In the first step I will implement the basic game server which handles a simple protocol to communicate with the clients and store the game data into a database. In the second there will come a graphical frontend which will be also the editor to setup the realms to play in.

For the server side I will implement everything in Java and use jdbc to connect to a mysql database. For the graphical use client the journey brought me to Irrlicht. A slim and fast 3D engine which is available for many plattforms with good support.

The story continous… Why I should start a simple hobby? It would not be funny for such a long time. 

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