Is not in wonderland but opens very creative way for young people to start learning programming. It is designed for high school and college students to teach them object oriented programming language while creating animated 3D movies and even simple games.

Alice is an approach to introduce the basics of computer programming for beginners and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface instead a written language. The cycle of writing, compiling, searching spelling mistakes, frustration is missing the spelling mistake and frustration part. It is concentrating on the most important parts, the concept, of object oriented programming languages.

The first contact with programming a computer can be done while trying to understand a cryptic language and persuade the compiler to accept the program or understanding the concepts from the beginning and have even some fun while learning. Its still enough time later to become a master in a production oriented programming language.

Alice is a gift from the Carnegie Mellon University and is available for free at There you will find versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and information about how to use it and who created it.

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