Java 6 Introduction

During a visit at the library I found a interesting looking book. So I decided to take it with me. The title was promising because it claimed to cover professional topics.

After a deep look inside the book it is in my opinion an overview about the most common features from Java. The standard topics of course of the language like control structures, classes and how to inherit. A few words about nearly all common parts of Java like collections, exceptions, assertions with some examples. Even how to install Java is mentioned on a few pages.

If you want to get a very fast overview of the Java language without any “disturbing” details or deeper information you can read it. If you want to get a more professional introduction you should take another source of information.

One comment

  1. I have finished reading “Java concurrency in practice” from Brain Goetz. This is so far the best book about programming multithreaded applications.

    And as a special it is also available at the online safari library. I have used the old style version made of paper this time. But to have the opportunity to read it on screen on demand I have much more space on my desk.

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