Google Analytics

Now big brother is watching me. And you. And everybody else, too.

I searched for some plugins for WordPress to improve it a little bit and I found Stats This plugin collects data about visitors and show what are the interesting parts for others on my blog. A friend gave me a hint that there is also Google Analytics which works in a similar way.

For both systems a small script has to be included on the website which triggers a countable event on a remote server. At this server are collected information about the number of visitors, from where they came, how long they stayed and which pages they viewed.

I have choosen Google Analytics to give it a try and see the results.

Instead of trying to dig information out of the apache logfiles a the java script from google does this job actively. One advantage of this active approach are more accurate results. One disadvantage is that information about your visitors are stored at a extern server.

The system rely on java script. So if you do not want to be tracked there is a effective way to be invisible for google. Disable java script! For firefox exists a very good extension called NoScript which let you easily disable and enable java script at your will.

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