After long time of work should also follow some recreation. Best for recreation is gaming. Meet friends, play game, have fun…


Munchkin is easy to learn (in fact there are also a few rules and all other important stuff you can read on the cards). Its ideal for all people who like to play rpg games. All other propably will not understand the funny side of the jokes.

How to play? Become the most powerful player! Thats all. You fight against monsters, find treasures and cheat and bend the rules whenever it is possible. Sounds simple but all you opponents do the same. You can play together with them, you can play against them, you can support them or you give them more trouble they already have… In the end there is only one winner.

For more information you can visit the homepage of Pegasus Spiele or check your local game dealer.

Central Inteligence vs. Individuals

While thinking about strategies to create a good ant community there a two big classes. Every ant is an individual and make its own decisions or there is a bit master ant in the background which gives order to all workers.

Using a master ant is ok to organize the worker. Using a static class member to let the ants communicate is a kind of cheating. Many system rely on the communiction over that static variable but finding a way to let the ants communicate with signals is much more interesting.

So in the beginning my little ants will be talk active idividuals. One for all, all for one and all apples to me.

Game of Life

The game of life is very old and everybody has seen it many times at least on the home pc as screensaver. As I visited a museum in Shrewsbury If found the biggest game of life I have ever seen in my life.

gameoflife1.jpg gameoflife2.jpggameoflife3.jpg

On the frontside you see a big “living area” of little lights and on the backside is no single computer which control the life. No! There is a complete wall of computers!


If you want to visit it, too, than go to The Museum in Shrewsbury and play a bit. Setup your starting cells on the big wall with a little joystick lay back and see what will happen. Or if you still ask “what the hell is the game of life?” read a bit here.


At the last conference I have attended there was a presentation of a funny programming game. Its easy to understand, easy to learn and exciting to get a higher score.

What is to do? Just program the behavior of ants to let them collect as much as possible food. For that task there is a simple API with only a few easy to understand commands. Basicly you only have to derive from a given BaseAnt class and overwrite the existing functions. Whatever you program here the ants will do it!


How does it work? You implement the behavior of your ants and start the game. A game controller calls the methods of your ants everytime an interesting event occurs e.g. your ant is near a food resource or the ant becomes tired. After the game is started you can do nothing more than watching the small black worker running in a virtual world. For people with a 3D accelerator card even in 3d and not flat.

You can either use C# or Visual Basic for developing your own ant peoples. All you need to start you can find on the coding4fun website from Microsoft.