Construction Yard

After updating all services on my server there is only service left: my not very often updated blog.

Again spammer found a way to bypass my spam protection and I had to delete all unwelcome comments manually. Now its clean again and I can start with some more useful work. As long as it will take to finish the last tuning tasks this site will still be a construction yard. So please be patient if something does not work for example the comment feature….

Programming C#

For those who search a good book to start programming C# I would like to suggest you this book. It covers all important parts of the language in a comprehensive way with good example how to use features of C#.

With good experience in Java it is really easy to learn C# and after reading this book my  last gaps between java and c# were closed.

Cover of programming C# from O'Reilly

The book is written by Ian Griffiths, Matthew Adams and Jesse Liberty published by O’Reilly Media Inc.

Discovered Maven

Sometimes it is a good idea to have a look around you even if everything works fine. So far I was used to Ant for building my java applications. Ant is a great tool and like gnu make it is able to do everything you want it to do. You only have to write a proper configuration file…

Maven is on the first look a bit more restrictive because it forces you to follow some conventions given by the chosen type of a project. But if you follow this way you will get much simpler configuration and well structured layout of project files. The project type specific stuff is handled by plugins and there are plenty of plugins already out there for nearly every task you could imagine. Due to the fact that you can write your own plugin maven is less restrictive as it seems in the beginning. And for all standard use cases I was really satisfied with the already existing plugins.

Maven is written in java itself and therefore available on every platform java is running. The existing plugins can be retrieved from internet repositories. Even depending jar files you need to build or deploy your project are retrieved automatically. Perfect to build on different machines without the need of installing the jar dependencies on every build machine or blow up your source revision system.  Just add it to maven configuration and if something is missing it will be retrieved.

The eager Ant is not dead. It has now a new companion.

Island view

While reviewing pictures from my last holiday I found some screenshots of my game project hobby. Unfortunately I am not good in designing with blender and thats the reason why the only model (which is not completely ugly) is a tree.

Island from sea with trees

Spring clean up

I am just clean up the blog from unwelcome comments and modified a bit the spam protection. The simple standard protection was very good in the beginning but now it seems to be no really obstacle for the most spamming bots anymore. At least I can see that every day hundreds of spam comments could be committed and I had to erase them manually. Unfortunately I also erased some real comments and now I need to find them again… By the way, WordPress cannot erase 500 spam message in one run. My webserver told me the URL is to long…

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone to all visitors of this site. Best wishes and may the new year will start for you at least as good as it started for me!

Atlantic ocean seen from above little hill

The Duke is coming

This time it really could become true. The Duke will come. Gearbox gave a more precise release date as “Its done, when its done!” and there was a playable Demo version at PAX 2010. Ok, that already happened a few times before but now there is a new reason why this time Duke Nukem will come.

Chuck Norris told Duke Nukem to arrive next year

If the Duke is here than my hobby project has a good change to win the Vaporware Award. At least I changed during development 4 times the engine and 3 times the tools. Like 3D Realm. But I am more interessted in learning how to do and to do something interesting. That also means that I will never reach an end. There is every time something new to learn…

Six month later

Time is running fast. Really fast. And sometimes too fast. Thats the reason why the gap between this and the last blog entry is about six month.

No blog entry does not mean that nothing did happen during this time. In fact many things happened and due to the limited number of hours a day  some task had to suffer a bit. Blogging was one of them. Stay tuned.

First Ogre Picture

In my last post I wrote about my switch to Ogre3D and I did not post any picture. Shame on me. So far its not very exciting and you can only see a wireframe of a terrain and two trees.

Wireframe landscape with two trees in front

The trees are a fast hack in blender and converted by OgreXMLConvert to the .mesh format used by the the graphic engine.

Switched to Ogre3D

More about my never-ending-hobby-project. Last year in july I played around again with Ogre3D and now I finally switched my graphic development environment form Irrlicht to Ogre.

It was a hard decision between two good projects and there was also a big bunch of work connected to the change. But to learn something new is one of the major aims (beside having fun and creating a game). Now the first basic application is running, many pages of documentation have been read, and I have got some new skills in Blender.

The reason I took the workload on me to change the engine was to get a specialized  graphic engine with support for all mayor platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows). For getting a specialized graphic engine with many features, tools and a big community I “pay” the price to use third party tool kits for example input handling or window system.

If you are searching for a toolkit to visualize something in 3D, control the output via mouse or keyboard and navigate thru the virtual world without reading many sides of documentation and many writing many lines of code than the right choice is Irrlicht for you. Its easy to master the basics, clean API, runs on many platforms, compact all in one solution and has a very good render performance.

If you want a graphic engine which does perfect graphic rendering with high performance but nothing else than Orge3D is the right choice you.