Spam Protection enabled

Now I have enabled a simple spam protection to make it bots harder to add comments to my blogs. The reason is in the last week the amount of spam dramatically increased and it was not possible anymore to handle this problem with a blacklist of common spam content.

I don’t like complicated computer generated pictures which are so difficult to read that even humans will become problems to decipher them. That why I am using  a WordPress Plugin called Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin from Michael Wöhrer. The user has to solve a simple math equation which is easy enough that nobody should need a calculator for it. For bots it is hopefully  a big obstacle to solve 4+2.

So far it works pretty well and no unwelcome comment found its way to the moderator queue or even the frontpage.

Lost in the Atlantic Ocean

A nice feature of the iPhone is the ability to insert geo information to pictures are taking with it. Another nice feature is its mobility. And the greatest feature of all is that you can discover new places! Even if you have no idea how you have reached this places…


So far I only have heard of this bug and that it was already fixed. I guess I have taken these picture before the bugfix and I now I got lost. If everything goes right and the software does not exchange the eastern and western hemispheres than a trip on cruise ship from Europe to America must result in an interesting view on the world map with the location needles of your pictures.

Happy New Year

For all who read this wishes. May all your resolutions last longer than the first week of the new year and may your work bring you there you want to be and let some of your dreams become true.
Now it’s time to start! Happy new year!

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

Apple technology evangelists and engineers started a tour around the world and will stop for two events in Germany, too. At 10 November they are in Berlin and on schedule are user interface design, development tools and UIKit.

A few days ago I received an email that my registration is confirmed and I will attend to this event. I am excited to hear what new information I will get there. Reading documentation is every time a good source of knowledge but listen to experienced teachers can speed up the learning process very much, inspire to new ideas and help to find out the pitfalls without falling in every single one.

Roadmap to game server

For this year I have planned to finish a runnable version of my long time ago planned little RPG game. So far it was a great experience in discover so many different technologies and test them and play around with them. 

Now, I have found everything (at least I believe) which can be put together to that what I want to achieve. In the first step I will implement the basic game server which handles a simple protocol to communicate with the clients and store the game data into a database. In the second there will come a graphical frontend which will be also the editor to setup the realms to play in.

For the server side I will implement everything in Java and use jdbc to connect to a mysql database. For the graphical use client the journey brought me to Irrlicht. A slim and fast 3D engine which is available for many plattforms with good support.

The story continous… Why I should start a simple hobby? It would not be funny for such a long time. 

Lazy blog time during may

The last month was the first one I did not wrote any single entry. Shame on me…

Beside the both extremes of enjoying some days of holiday and suffering the heat in my office I also found some time to think about some details of my hobby game programming project and started to read some books I have on my desk a long time. And  I started to discover the iPhone SDK to see what is possible to do with this little device.

The only thing I did not was writing something into my blog…

Update hell

This weekend I spend much time to install software to my new computer. And I even spend more time after installation while waiting for the updates.

I guess today I transfered about 3 gigabytes of data over my dsl connection. Why I used the installation cd/dvd before the internet update? It is really useless to copy first an application to the harddisk and after finishing that job you start waiting until the same amount of data is transfered via your network.

Why is the check for updates not done before the installation is started? What about a message like: “Dear user, the next 30minutes you will waste your time if you continue. Would you like to install the current version from the internet and enjoy it or would you prefer to install the not-working-anymore version from the cd and update at your first try to start the program?