Teasing the Ogre

Long time ago I have had a look at some 3D render engines and one of them was Orge3D.

Last time I tried Ogre3D it was only available as a beta version and after some tutorials and small test programs I have written I came to the conclusion it was not stable enough (but already very nice to handle). Because the Orge could not stand very stable on the ground I followed the Irrlicht.

Due to some links I came back to the Ogre website and was curious what has changed in the last years and tried to compile the source version. It works nearly perfect and the forum gave me the last hints. After 1 hour I have had a running version and could enjoy the demos.

Now lets play a bit around with it. Perhaps its a friendly Ogre….

Concurrency in practise

My favorite book so far about concurrency in java. It is focused to the topic of multithreaded java application. Beginning with the fundamentals of concurrency in java  to advanced topics like custom synchronizers and the java memory model everything is covered.

Source: Addison-Wesley Book Cover

You should have some experience in java programming before you start reading this book. Chapters like “how to install your IDE” or “setting up my first hello world application” you will not find. But that is not the purpose of this book.

In the first paragraph I wrote everything is covered. Thats true for all aspects of programming multithreaded applications. Many books put into this topic everything which has to do with parallel execution of code on one or more hosts and contain a chapter about Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Webservices. Both you will not find in this book of Brain Goetz.

In my opinion a good choice to keep the focus small and concentrate on multithreading and all related problems like Liveness and Performance (and how to solve or improve them).

If you have an account for Safari Books you can read this book online. Otherwise have a visit at you local library and take a old style paper version with the ultimate feature that it can be read outdoor while enjoying the first warm beams of the spring sun…

Lost in the Atlantic Ocean

A nice feature of the iPhone is the ability to insert geo information to pictures are taking with it. Another nice feature is its mobility. And the greatest feature of all is that you can discover new places! Even if you have no idea how you have reached this places…


So far I only have heard of this bug and that it was already fixed. I guess I have taken these picture before the bugfix and I now I got lost. If everything goes right and the software does not exchange the eastern and western hemispheres than a trip on cruise ship from Europe to America must result in an interesting view on the world map with the location needles of your pictures.

Timeless Computer Laws

I found a treasure in my book shelf today. It is only a small book but it was one of the first books I bought as I made my first experiences in computer science.

cover picture of murphys computer laws

It was printed in 1990 and all laws are still applicable. You only have to replace the words floppy disk by usb stick or modem by DSL. Technology may change but the problems are still the same. In my opinion a must have read book for everyone who work with computer. After reading you know, you are not alone…

Happy New Year

For all who read this wishes. May all your resolutions last longer than the first week of the new year and may your work bring you there you want to be and let some of your dreams become true.
Now it’s time to start! Happy new year!

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

Apple technology evangelists and engineers started a tour around the world and will stop for two events in Germany, too. At 10 November they are in Berlin and on schedule are user interface design, development tools and UIKit.

A few days ago I received an email that my registration is confirmed and I will attend to this event. I am excited to hear what new information I will get there. Reading documentation is every time a good source of knowledge but listen to experienced teachers can speed up the learning process very much, inspire to new ideas and help to find out the pitfalls without falling in every single one.

Java 6 Introduction

During a visit at the library I found a interesting looking book. So I decided to take it with me. The title was promising because it claimed to cover professional topics.

After a deep look inside the book it is in my opinion an overview about the most common features from Java. The standard topics of course of the language like control structures, classes and how to inherit. A few words about nearly all common parts of Java like collections, exceptions, assertions with some examples. Even how to install Java is mentioned on a few pages.

If you want to get a very fast overview of the Java language without any “disturbing” details or deeper information you can read it. If you want to get a more professional introduction you should take another source of information.

Back to the roots

If you watch the following movie and….

screenshot of video

…you don’t know what you are watching. You are too old.

…you don’t understand why the resolution is too low. You are too young.

…you remember when you have played the game you are watching. You know how old I am 🙂

Once upon a time there were many different kind of games like in this short movie. All games run on a very limited hardware. In contrast to that hardware we have now unlimited ressources but only a few types of games. I hope the guys of the Games Convention know this too and bring back some more variety instead of the reincarnation of the last year games with better graphic effects…


Is not in wonderland but opens very creative way for young people to start learning programming. It is designed for high school and college students to teach them object oriented programming language while creating animated 3D movies and even simple games.

Alice is an approach to introduce the basics of computer programming for beginners and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface instead a written language. The cycle of writing, compiling, searching spelling mistakes, frustration is missing the spelling mistake and frustration part. It is concentrating on the most important parts, the concept, of object oriented programming languages.

The first contact with programming a computer can be done while trying to understand a cryptic language and persuade the compiler to accept the program or understanding the concepts from the beginning and have even some fun while learning. Its still enough time later to become a master in a production oriented programming language.

Alice is a gift from the Carnegie Mellon University and is available for free at www.alice.org. There you will find versions for Windows, Mac and Linux and information about how to use it and who created it.