What you will find here

Its fascinating to see what is possible to do with computer. In all parts of life these machines are so deep involved that even simple things like getting a cup of coffee are controlled by them. Thas also the reasons why I am sure to have chosen the right subject of study in my life.

Especially for two fields i am very keen on. Computer Graphic and mobile Computing.

Computer graphic enables you to creates from simple data arrays a virtual world. More than just a result on a command line. Simple pictures which show you the way of a robot on a map. Or even complex visualisation of a complete world with trees and animals. A pictures says more than thousand words!

Mobile computing brings you the benefits of computer to every place you are. Not only at your desk. Everywhere! And in the moments I need my computer at most I am not at my desk. Devices has to adept to humans and not humans should adept to their devices.

In my blog I will write about my experiences in private software development. As you can easily guess the both fields above will be the main topics here. You will finds links to useful software and resources for development. You also will find short tutorials and descriptions of making things easier. The most useful in

You will not find plans of how I plan to become the ruler of the world… You recognise it on other ways if I was successful ­čÖé

Google Analytics

Now big brother is watching me. And you. And everybody else, too.

I searched for some plugins for WordPress to improve it a little bit and I found Stats This plugin collects data about visitors and show what are the interesting parts for others on my blog. A friend gave me a hint that there is also Google Analytics which works in a similar way.

For both systems a small script has to be included on the website which triggers a countable event on a remote server. At this server are collected information about the number of visitors, from where they came, how long they stayed and which pages they viewed.

I have choosen Google Analytics to give it a try and see the results.

Instead of trying to dig information out of the apache logfiles a the java script from google does this job actively. One advantage of this active approach are more accurate results. One disadvantage is that information about your visitors are stored at a extern server.

The system rely on java script. So if you do not want to be tracked there is a effective way to be invisible for google. Disable java script! For firefox exists a very good extension called NoScript which let you easily disable and enable java script at your will.

File upload with WordPress

While uploading files to WordPress I have had no problems until I tried the first file which was not a media file. I got the message that it is not possible because of security reasons. In the backend I didn’t find any configuration to select which files are allowed and which not.

After a short internet search I found two solutions.

One is a plugin from Peter Westwood which is integrated into the admin backend and allows comfortable editing of types which are allowed to be uploaded.

The second way to solve the problem is more straight forward. In the function wp_check_filetype() which is located in wp-includes/functions.php you can find an array with all types wich are allowed to uploaded. Just add the type you want to upload.

But be aware what you are doing! There is a good reason why types of files are checked before upload to server. Just thing a few minutes before changing the code and allow .php, .exe, .sh and so on…

Moved to my new Domain

After a short testing period of WordPress on my test domain the blog was today successfully moved to my new domain. It is really a hard job to find a free domain which can be easily remembered, is shorter then 50 letters and not complete random.

The one I choose now to use is not really a german or english word but its short, easily to remember and in some way it even has a meaning…

WordPress Update

Ein Blick auf die Webseite von WordPress hat mich zu der Erkenntnis gebracht, da├č die Version der Blog Software, die von meinem Provider als Pakte zur Verf├╝gung gestellt wird, nur noch unter der Bezeichnung “legacy” gef├╝hrt wird und nur noch historischen Wert besitzt.

Ab jetzt l├Ąuft der Blog auch wieder mit einer aktuellen Version von WordPress.

Der Koffer ist gepackt

Der Sommerurlaub ist dieses Jahr auf ein verl├Ąngertes Wochenende geschrumpft und an dem geht es auf einen Besuch zu Freunden nach England.

Also wenn es hier weiter nach Baustelle aussieht, liegt es daran, da├č die Baustelle vorr├╝bergehend verlassen ist…

Der Anfang ist gemacht

Und nachdem das geschafft ist, steht nichts mehr im Wege meinen Blog mit Daten zu f├╝llen.

Je nachdem wieviel Zeit ich habe, kommt hier entweder fr├╝her oder sp├Ąter etwas Leben auf die Seite.

In erster Linie ist der Blog eine neue Spielwiese f├╝r mich. Und wenn ich nach Stunden der Suche im Netz etwas gefunden habe, nachdem unz├Ąhlige Foren und Mailinglisten durchforstet wurden, um den n├Âtigen Tipp f├╝r eine Probleml├Âsung zu finden, wird das Ergebnis eingelagert und bis man die Information wieder braucht hat man vergessen wohin es gespeichert wurde.

Dann kann ich es auch in den Blog schreiben und von ├╝berall darauf zugreifen. Au├čerdem erspare ich vielleicht damit auch einem verzweifelten Sucher in den weiten des Webs eine Menge Frust…