Roadmap to game server

For this year I have planned to finish a runnable version of my long time ago planned little RPG game. So far it was a great experience in discover so many different technologies and test them and play around with them. 

Now, I have found everything (at least I believe) which can be put together to that what I want to achieve. In the first step I will implement the basic game server which handles a simple protocol to communicate with the clients and store the game data into a database. In the second there will come a graphical frontend which will be also the editor to setup the realms to play in.

For the server side I will implement everything in Java and use jdbc to connect to a mysql database. For the graphical use client the journey brought me to Irrlicht. A slim and fast 3D engine which is available for many plattforms with good support.

The story continous… Why I should start a simple hobby? It would not be funny for such a long time. 

Lazy blog time during may

The last month was the first one I did not wrote any single entry. Shame on me…

Beside the both extremes of enjoying some days of holiday and suffering the heat in my office I also found some time to think about some details of my hobby game programming project and started to read some books I have on my desk a long time. And  I started to discover the iPhone SDK to see what is possible to do with this little device.

The only thing I did not was writing something into my blog…

Update hell

This weekend I spend much time to install software to my new computer. And I even spend more time after installation while waiting for the updates.

I guess today I transfered about 3 gigabytes of data over my dsl connection. Why I used the installation cd/dvd before the internet update? It is really useless to copy first an application to the harddisk and after finishing that job you start waiting until the same amount of data is transfered via your network.

Why is the check for updates not done before the installation is started? What about a message like: “Dear user, the next 30minutes you will waste your time if you continue. Would you like to install the current version from the internet and enjoy it or would you prefer to install the not-working-anymore version from the cd and update at your first try to start the program?


Last time I wrote about Crayon Physics. This time I found in the irrlicht blog another interesting Software which plays with physics and let you draw and move objects.

phun screenshot

Phun was created as a master of science thesis and is indented to explore and play with physical objects. On the webpage of phun by Emil Ernerfeldt you can find more detailed information, screenshots, video and downloads for for windows and linux systems. Mac version is coming soon.

You can do more than draw only simple objects and let them fall or rotate on a fix point. There are more complex objects like chains and rotating wheels. With a bit patient and time you can build even virtual machines 🙂

Crayon Physics (Deluxe)

A very promising game with a interesting idea. Draw objects which become physical objects and fall, roll, slide, tumble downwards and try to move the little red ball to the jumping yellow start. Thats all!

crayon1 crayon2 crayon3

The Deluxe Version is still work in progress but Crayon Phsics is already playable and you can download release version 1 from Kloonigames. On the website of the Crayon Physics Deluxe you can see a video of many nice features not included in the done-in-under-a-week game version of crayon.

There you can also register a e-mail address to get informed when the game is done. Even if the author claims the downloadable version more a prototype as a demo version it already teases for more…

Back online

After a long time I managed to bring my blog back online. All started with upgrading the server to a newer version of operating system and tools. Everything run smooth and the tools from the provider of my virtual host did a good job. Uppss, except a little detail. The /dev/urandom was missing 🙁

That little problem was the reason for long downtime of my server. I only could watch error messages on the web interface that a device is missing. After writing a mail to the support (which is not working over weekend) the solution reached me after the weekend. Yesterday I installed all my applications and today I can write again.

And as every time you work with computer : You better have a backup! Of everything you don’t want to loose.

Parallel Programming in Java

During the christmas holiday I read a book about java parallel programming from Rainer Oechsle.

Rainer Oechsle - Java

The book is a good introduction to the topic written which covers the main aspects. It is not a complete reference of all techniques of java but it gives you many ideas what you can do with it and where you have to research for further information. It also explain with many good examples why one way to solve a problem is good or bad and what you should keep in mind to get a good and stable application.

It covers the basic synchronize mechanism of java, advanced techniques new in Version 5, Graphical User Interfaces, distributed application with sockets, RMI and Servlets and JSP.

For all who want to do parallel programming in java this book is a good start in my opinion.

Welcome 2008, Hasta la vista 2007

Ok, ok. The start into 2008 is a bit late in my blog. But finally the new year starts here, too.

The beginning of the years was used for holiday :-), flu :-(, reading and thinking about last year and the new one.

The new year will bring exciting new challenges and there are so many interesting waiting for me to be done. New projects and tasks in my workplace, some further exams for my part time master degree study and my hobby developing projects.

The best at the year 2007 is that it is over. More I don’t want to write. It’s over. Now its time to prepare for the future and make this year a much more better one.

Lets go!