KDE 4 RC2 is on the way

I could not resist to test the new KDE 4 release and see what it will bring. I installed it on a virtual system and started to play with it. Like the doku already said it is not recommended for production use but its running well enough to get a good impression.

The KDE team did a good job and I am sure I will use it when the project reaches the stable state. Before writing a lot about the nice and smooth user interface here are some pictures. Enjoy…

Desktop with KDE menu

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Spamers found me

Since this week my blog got some new readers. Seems to be some bots which really like to file comments with advertisement links to all favourite topics of spam fans. Fortunately the most of the comments are filtered before they get displayed on the main page.

Backup PalmTX over Bluetooth

The time I used for improving the connection between my palm to my workstation was it worth to be spend. Now everything works fine and easy to handle.The PalmTX has Bluetooth and that is very comfortable and you can use it for backup the palm while sitting on your couch. Only the workstation has to be started before. sitting down…

For linux I found several ways to do it but for me the easiest und best way was to use the dun deamon. Its very easy to setup. The following little HowTo will work when using Kubuntu “Gutsy Gibbon” but it should also work for other distributions, too.

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Clean up my Palm

After a long time of running my handheld Palm TX and experimenting with it now is time for a bit cleanup and reorganization.

So I spend some time to improve the connection between the mobile device and my workstation or notebook. And now its time to backup all stored data from the handheld device and start with cleanup.

After that work I hope to be able to sync all data which are important to me with as little as effort from workstation to handheld device as possible. So far it is a bit more work that I like to do for every sync…

Discovered Java for Irrlicht

This evening I have got some time to play a bit with the java binding to irrlicht called jirr. I like java and I like the results I have seen.


After the first experiences using jirr it is really worth to get a deeper impression of it. I am really sure I will write soon more about it.

For testing it by yourself have a look at the Jirr Project of Stefan Dingfelder at sourceforge. Also check the Forum of Irrlicht. There is a category for jirr, too.

The mythical man-month

Everybody who was involved in planing and executing a project will read this book and got in mind that everything there is described is true and happened once before in a own project or in project you have heard of. So every chapter brings a little (or bigger) smile on the readers face.

The mythical man-month

For everybody who never had been attended to a project it is a good lecture before doing all the mistakes are done. Its very interesting to see that in the last centuries so many progress took place in information technology but the same mistakes are made in every generation of developers. Its no matter of operation systems or programming languages. The problem is eveytime the human who tries to handle it and fall into the same pit as many fall before.

When projects become more complex the message of the book is even more important then 25years ago. Today even relative small projects tend to be big enough that a single person is not able to do it alone. So one of the advises from the book Communicate in as many way as possible is one good example how to prevent problems. No technical device can replace the communication between humans only help to make it easier. If somebody do not want to communicate all technology we have is useless…

A good abstract can be found on Wikipedia about the content of the book together with information how to get it. Some information of the Author Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. can be found on his homepage.

Building Irrlicht on Kubuntu

For building the irrlicht engine on Kubuntu you need first download the source package from http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/downloads.html and unpack it.

Enter the source/Irrlicht folder inside the new irrlicht folder and start compilation with make.

If you run into trouble with error messages it is because of missing dependencies. Install following packages from the kubuntu repository:

  • libgl1-mesa-dev
  • libglu1-mesa-dev
  • libXxf86vm-dev

and try again. Now everything should compile fine.

In the examples directory are some directories with examples and corresponding Makefiles. After executing make you will find the results in bin/Linux

If the Linker complains “cannot find -lXext” remove the -lXext in the Makefile from the compile command. Its not nessesary.

Gutsy Gibbon arrived

On my personal computer at home a change occured. The Feisty Fawn did a very good job but now is time for the Gutsy Gibbon!

kubuntu logo

 After trying a lot different Linux Distributions I found my favourite in Ubuntu. Its easy to install and without hours of configuration you can start to work. As desktop environment I prefer KDE to Gnome and thats the reason for the derivative Kubuntu. Basically it is the same as Ubuntu but with a other software packages preselection optimized for KDE.

All essential software is already included like development tools, office, mail, browser, editors and if you do not like the preselected product you can change easily. Installing and removing software can be done with adept, standard system services and hardware can be configured by provided frontends. All who need more can do it manually with no problem. Under the surface of the system you find basically a Debian Linux System.

For all who would like to use Linux for daily work and don’t want to configure every single switch and spend more time while reading manuals than doing work is my advice is to have a look at Ubuntu. By the way, it was more easy to install Kubuntu on my “Vista Premium Capable” PC than Windows Vista…

If you still reading and have not get so far an answer for your question what is Gutsy Gibbon have a look at the Ubuntu homepage.


After long time of work should also follow some recreation. Best for recreation is gaming. Meet friends, play game, have fun…


Munchkin is easy to learn (in fact there are also a few rules and all other important stuff you can read on the cards). Its ideal for all people who like to play rpg games. All other propably will not understand the funny side of the jokes.

How to play? Become the most powerful player! Thats all. You fight against monsters, find treasures and cheat and bend the rules whenever it is possible. Sounds simple but all you opponents do the same. You can play together with them, you can play against them, you can support them or you give them more trouble they already have… In the end there is only one winner.

For more information you can visit the homepage of Pegasus Spiele or check your local game dealer.