Dear Google, Dear USA

I am so angry I even write a blog entry. If you check my blog history you can see that is really something special.

So far I used Google Analytics to get some information about my blog. From where, how often, how long, and so on. It is a very good service and the results are really good. Now, after the latest news about PRISM and Co. I started to think about the privacy statements of that service again. If Google tells me  in their terms of services that my data related to visitors is stored secure and confidential than I am not sure anymore who and where my data is stored elsewhere and what happens with it.

Every week another piece of informations drops into the public about secret surveillance programs. What exactly these programs do is still unknown. From official site everything is legal and we should be glad that these systems make our life more secure. But how? That’s secret, too. Of course these systems are controlled – by secret rules of course. The fact that PRISM is an United States System also means that as an non US citizen you have no right at all for asking which data is stored about you. (You can ask the companies, but in case of a national security letter you will get no useful answer).

All secret surveillance programs in general have one big flaw. They are the exact opposite of freedom and democracy. How can people vote for a party to form a government if politicians do things nobody is allowed to know? How can justice work it is not possible to control the judges?

What can I do? Unfortunately not much. At first I decided to remove Google Analytics. It is really not much but at least I can express my anger about it. Sorry Google, but there is not enough trust in your system (and server location) anymore. Now I am using Piwik and count visitors on my own server. This also improves privacy for visitors because this information can not be used to track surfing behavior across different websites.